Listen to your Wheels

Cycle AT streams data from your wheels to mobile device – in real time! It comes in two ingenious installation styles: “low” & “high” to work with both motorcycles or bicycles.

Don’t worry about buying expensive “display head units”, Cycle AT uses your smart phone instead. The latest low-power Bluetooth technology, along with our iOS app (coming soon to Android), we’re changing how you ride.

Be safer when you ride

Improperly inflated tires have more rolling resistance, which increases fuel consumption, creates more heat, and can lead to tire failure – scary stuff. Fear not! Cycle AT is here to keep you safe!

CycleAT continuously monitors your tire pressure, temperature, alignment, and other critical variables. When you’re not riding, Cycle AT goes into a deep sleep mode, to give you an unparalleled battery life. As soon as any motion is detected or you inflate your tires, Cycle AT is instantly back online and watching your back!